5 Easy Tips To Keep Your Teeth Healthy

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Everyone wants a confident, sparkling smile, and a good set of healthy teeth. Having healthy teeth starts out with good care and attention. Teeth are care sensitive and their health directly correlates to how much we care for them. Not only do bad teeth ruin our smile, but they can also cause bad breath. Here are 5 tips that will help you to keep your teeth healthy.

Brush twice a day

Brushing your teeth twice a day is extremely important. Over the course of the day and night, germs and bacteria accumulate in our mouths. These germs and bacteria can cause decay, cavities, and an assortment of problems for us if they are left unchecked. Brushing your teeth removes harmful bacteria from inside the mouth, reducing the risk of decay and cavities. It is important to brush once in the morning because the levels of bacteria and germs in our mouths rise exponentially when we are dormant/sleeping. And you should brush before going to bed in order to remove all sugary bits and bacteria so that you can protect yourself from a bacteria surge. 


Dental floss is an overlooked method of cleaning your teeth. As you can probably tell by now, cleanliness is everything when it comes to having healthy teeth. Dental floss reaches into the tiny gaps between your teeth and digs out bits of food which you otherwise cannot see, feel, or clean properly. The reason why this is important is that trapped food can kickstart decay and cause cavities. The food stuck between your teeth naturally begins to rot. This can generate many germs and bacteria which feast on your teeth, leaving you with possible pain and agony when cavities occur. 


Mouthwash is a great addition to your arsenal in fighting teeth problems. Once again, the primary job of mouthwash is to keep your mouth clean and free of bacteria. In fact, mouthwash is a versatile option especially for people with ongoing problems like toothaches which forces them into not being able to brush thoroughly enough. As mouthwash is a liquid, it travels into every last corner of the mouth and kills bacteria off all surfaces. Using mouthwash is nothing less than adding yet another layer of precaution and safety that can ensure good healthy teeth. However, after whitening teeth, it is best to avoid mouthwash that has an added colourant for 24 hours. The colourant may revert the whitening that you did.

Stop avoiding your dentist

One of the first steps that you can take for good healthy teeth should be visiting your dentist at regular intervals. Attending all your dental appointments is key if you want good teeth, a regular polish and scale are advised for good oral hygiene.

Visiting your dentist can pay off in many different ways. You can get your teeth professionally checked in order to learn about any particular aspect you need to tend to. You can fill in cavities and keep all kinds of problems under control.  A dentist is the one person you should trust and listen to regarding your dental health. 

Diet matters

Your teeth are a set of tools that help you eat. And as with any other tool, what you do with it determines its lifetime. The diet you maintain can greatly affect the health of your teeth. Too much sugary food and drink can cause a lot of grief afterwards. Having a habit of eating really tough and hard items can damage your teeth. Beverages like coke and coffee also have adverse effects on teeth, if you drink copious amounts of them. 

Another thing to keep in mind is that smoking can badly affect a person’s teeth and gums. Teeth health may degrade overtime with a smoking habit. 

For ensuring the best teeth health, maintain a good diet. Drink lots of water, water helps wash sugars away from teeth. You should also include plenty of fibre in your diet. Basically, types of food that doctors recommend for maintaining a good healthy body will also help you to keep your teeth in good condition. 

Having healthy teeth requires care and work. Brushing, cleaning, attending the dentist are all easily doable. Try to maintain a good diet and be attentive to your teeth. Finally, why not use one of our products to help battle against daily colourants that are in food and drink. They will help you achieve and maintain your sparkling smile. 

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teeth care tips 1

5 Easy Tips To Keep Your Teeth Healthy

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