The Teeth Whitening Fairies are Dublin`s finest teeth whitening and Clip in Veneers companies and offer superb mobile and salon teeth whitening right across Dublin and beyond. With more than 16,000 + Likes on Facebook and some of the best prices in Ireland The Teeth Whitening Fairies will promise to make you look amazing after just one session! Most customers see results of between 4-12 Shades whiter (Sometimes more!) and we are happy for you to book a mobile appointment (2 or more minimum per booking) or visit us in our beautiful salon in Dublin. Through our sister company SweetHeart Smiles we also offer a superb range of Clip in Veneers starting from just €299 for one arch (top or bottom teeth) and just €500 for both arches (top and bottom teeth). Free appointments are available so why not contact us office@teethwhiteningfairies.ie..


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