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Are you looking to start your own business that offers the financial and personal freedom you desire, while helping others look their best?


The leaders in teeth whitening and oral hygiene

We specialise in the training courses and the set up of Laser Teeth Whitening within Salons, dental practices, retail and mobile and offer fantastic bespoke stand-alone whitening.  Our products and aftercare are the most natural organic in the market place and we can also brand your own products for you.  With the best technology, best training and best products guarantees the best results to your customers.  We also take care of oral care as well so not only getting customers their best whitest smile we offer customers their best healthiest smile.  With over 15 years’ experience in this fantastic industry, we are extremely passionate about what we do. Not only do we help people be successful in setting up and running a teeth whitening business with a designated account manager,  but we add value and expertise to your business with our fantastic marketing and branding knowledge. Your success is our success. Ask for our start up packages today.

Here at Teeth whitening Fairies 🧚‍♀️...

…we have an opportunity to bring Teeth whitening to your salon. So you can whiten peoples teeth and on an hourly basis. You can charge for this service and add more revenue to your business. There is an extremely good mark up and return on investment. How we do this is we train your clinic on how to whiten teeth. We give you a full start up kit. enough product to whiten 100 clients teeth.

"We use the most advanced and safest technology available on the market today"

Who's This Course For?

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Salon Owners

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Anyone Who Wants A Great Business Opportunity

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There are many reasons to offer teeth whitening service or products

  • Set your own hours
  • Increase your revenue
  • 90% profit per client
  • Potential earnings of €1000.00 per week
  • Brand your own products
  • Finance available
  • Be part of a billion pound industry
  • Variety of start up packages low investment
  • Offer a service & product that makes your customer feel good
  • Best Technology and Training courses in the market place today
  • Full Insurance
  • Designated Account Manager to help your business be a sucess

So still not quite sure why you should become part of this exciting industry

The cosmetic whitening industry is a big market today. Teeth whitening procedures are one of the most popular treatments across the world.

You are offering a product and service that simply makes your customers feel better about themselves.  Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, 99.7% people believed that a smile is an important social asset.  By providing teeth whitening services at your salon/spa, you will be able to improve the quality of life of your customers.

According to the Global Cosmetic Market (2019-2024) Research Report, the demand for cosmetic whitening products will grow at a rate of 3.46%. This means that it is the right time to invest your resources in the teeth whitening business.

Teeth whitening is a 12-billion-pound industry and is probably one of the most requested cosmetic procedures in the marketplace today. It is safe, affordable and crosses all demographics. According to the Global Cosmetic Dentistry Market (2019-2024) Research Report, the demand for cosmetic dentistry products will grow at a rate of 3.46%. On average 1 in 8 people have their teeth whiten and this is increasing year on year. Our Teeth Whitening Courses are second to none with over 20 years experience and step by step guides and a designated account manager to help you every step of the way.

What sets us apart from other services is that we provide a successful business model and template to hit the ground running.  We have over 15 years’ experience in training, product knowledge and legalities.  we can also design and brand your own product range and help bring it to market.  

The equipment and training are non-refundable and the amount for the training and courses will be charged one week in advance to set up machines and products for training day designated. Due to the nature of the items, they are  NON-RETURNABLE and are not returnable to Teeth Whitening Fairies.

Regarding individual stand-alone whitening products, if delivered damaged, we will replace items as quickly as possible on return of damaged items.

If any machine within its 2 year warranty is required to be changed, we will ship out replacement machine and fix other machine within the week and return when fixed directly to you.  All shipping costs are FREE.

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Why chose us?

As the leader in Teeth Whitening training for over 15 years, we have helped hundreds of people just like you, open a successful whitening business

  • Training days available 7 days a week. On-line, in our state-of-the-art clinic or in your own practice
  • EU Compliant teeth whitening products. All our products have full toxicology & safety reports and are fully EU compliant. Guaranteeing your customers their best healthiest smile with the best in oral care.
  • We use the most advanced and safest technology in the marketplace today. 2 years warranty on all machines. High quality German make machines over 50,000 hours, extremely durable. Filter out all UV & IR light.
  • We train to the highest of industry standards offering only best business practice. Most importantly, you get the guidance and an experienced team who will provide the support to start, build and grow a profitable clinic. 
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Delivery and shipment worldwide.  
  • Finance available 90% success rate, get approved in minutes
  • Ongoing marketing support and advice to help your business grow
  • Courses now available online and COVID-19 safe, completely hygienic and safe methods to offer your customers. EU compliant training in retainer and retractor method
  • Help with insurance
  • Full start up packages with everything you need to get set up and start immediately
  • We can brand & personalise your own products.   As a business, you want to improve your brand’s awareness so that you can increase your market reach and stand out in the competitive market of beauty and wellness services
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At the Teeth Whitening Fairies we have the expertise and everything you need under one roof to make your teeth whitening venture a complete success.