All Natural Teeth Whitening at Home Has Never Been Easier

A Brighter Smile in 14 Days Guaranteed

(Even If You only Have 10 Minutes a Day) 

All Natural Teeth Whitening From Home Has Never Been Easier

A Brighter Smile in 14 Days Guaranteed

(Even If You Only Have 10 Minutes A Day)

"Everyone Deserves A Smile"

Your smile is the first thing most people notice about you and studies have now proven that smiling is linked to more happiness, less stress, and being more likeable.

The problem is that most of us are self-conscious about our smiles without even realising it. From drinking tea or coffee daily, smoking, or eating a lot of starchy foods, most of us have discoloured our teeth by several shades.

This is why I founded Teeth Whitening Fairies: To make professional teeth whitening accessible and available to all because Everyone Deserves a Smile.

- Aisling Burke
Founder of Teeth Whitening Fairies

The Science-Backed Benefits of A Healthy Smile

You Look Younger

Improves Your Mood

Increases Confidence

As Seen In:


The Teeth Whitening Fairies Guarantee:

4-12 Shades Brighter Teeth In 14 Days


1056 Reviews

"Absolute bargain for teeth whitening and I was delighted with the results"


"I can smile again! So truly happy and the results are amazing."


"Excellent service. Quick and easy and I notice a big difference."


After serving over 40,000 happy customers in our clinics, we decided to make our fastest, easiest teeth whitening solution ever.


The At-Home Teeth Sparkling Kit

Convenient, cost effective, professional teeth whitening in just 10 minutes a day.

Removes Stains

Removes stains from coffee, wine, smoking, and more

All Natural

Made with a clinically proven peroxide-free formula.

Zero Sensitivity

Painless, gentle, and causes NO irritation to sensitive teeth.

Kills Bad Breath

Features an LED light that kills bad breath-causing bacteria.

3 Months of Clinic-Level
Teeth Whitening In Every Kit

PAP Whitening formulas are scientifically proven to whiten and brighten teeth after only a few uses as shown in a clinical trial study by the Journal of Applied Oral Science.

All-Natural & Dentist Approved

The secret to a whiter smile is found in our all-natural ingredients that will effectively whiten with zero sensitivity.

Your Oral Hygiene Covered

The At-Home Sparkling Kit isn't just about making your teeth shine whiter. The LED blue light of the Whiting Accelerator also kills harmful oral bacteria with every use.

"It removes absolutely everything, any sort of stain on the teeth.

it was honestly unbelievable."


Conor Ryan

The At-Home Teeth Sparkling Kit

14 Days To A Brighter Smile

  • PAP Teeth Whitening Gel (€40 Value)

  • PAP Teeth Whitening Strips (€40 Value)

  • LED Whiting Accelerator (€50 Value)

  • Teeth Whitening Powder (€40 Value)

  • Teeth Whitening Foam (€20 Value)

  • Bamboo Toothbrush (€5 Value)

  • Dental Floss (€5 Value)

Original Price: €200

Yours For Just €75 (Save 62%!)

Not Your Average At-Home Teeth Whitening Kit

Cost Effective Compared
To In-Person Whitening

Easy, Fast, &
Convenient to use

One Kit Lasts You 3 whole Months!

4 Simple Steps To Your

14 Day Smile Makeover

The At-Home Teeth Sparkling Kit works its magic in as little as 10 minutes a day. 

All you need to do is this simple 4 step formula:

Floss with our premium floss

Use our bamboo toothbrush with
whitening powder
Finish off with a brush of our
teeth whitening foam
Use our premium whitening gel
& LED mouth tray

And voila!

4-12 Shades Whiter Teeth in Just 14 Days!

Start Your Smile Makeover Today


Only €4.25 Per Teeth Whitening Session

The At-Home
Teeth Sparkling Kit

  • PAP Teeth Whitening Gel (€40 Value)
  • PAP Teeth Whitening Strips (€40 Value)
  • LED Light + Charger (€50 Value)
  • Teeth Whitening Powder (€40 Value)
  • Teeth Whitening Foam (€20 Value)
  • Dental Floss (€5 Value)
  • Bamboo Toothbrush (€5 Value)

Frequently Asked Questions

You can be flexible with how often you use the kit, depending on how bright you would like to go. After following the instructions in the kit, you can go to using once a week with the gel if you wish to maintain your new bright smile.

No, we use our own gel with PAP added into the gel and whitening strips for a whiter result. Like our clinics, our kits do not contain any peroxide, which means no sensitivity during or after treatment! All ingredients are stated clearly on our products and for more information please contact one of our clinics.

Yes, all products within the sparkling kit are stand alone and can be used individually.

One gel syringe contains enough gel for 20 whitening sessions at home.

Our sparkling whitening powder is used to remove tough stubborn stains while whitening you teeth to help maintain your smile. It is great for smokers and heavy coffee drinkers.

We would recommend if using the powder individually between gel sessions, to use it 2 – 3 times a week if you are a smoker or heavy coffee drinker. The powder should only be used at night time after brushing your teeth, a residue will be left on the teeth after brushing and this will help whiten the teeth overnight.

The Kit contains 4 packs of whitening strips for top and bottom teeth. The strips contain PAP which can also be found in the new premium kit gel. PAP helps to break down staining during the whitening process which removes the need for an activator to open the tubules of the teeth to ensure the whitening product penetrates each tooth evenly and whitens for a whiter result.

Our whitening strips only need to be on for 30 minutes to receive 4 – 12 shade brighter result. They are a great alternative to using the gel if you need a quick touch up or are on the go.

If using the foam individually in the kit, you can use this every morning and evening as a replacement to your toothbrush or if in addition to your toothpaste, after you brush your teeth in the evening. It is a great alternative to the powder and travel size friendly!