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€350​ Euro

Our Clip On Veneers Are Perfect For Disguising:

Stains / Yellowing of Teeth

Chipped / Crooked Teeth

Missing / Tooth Gaps

Are you tired of hiding your teeth every time you smile?

Dreaming of a flawless, Hollywood-worthy grin without the pain and expense of cosmetic dentistry? Look no further! Our Clip-On Veneers are here to transform your smile into a work of art, effortlessly and affordably.

Why Teeth Whitening Fairies Clip on Veneers?

No need for invasive dental surgeries or lengthy procedures - Simply clip on and go!

Say goodbye to an unrealistic smile, our clip on veneers are crafted to perfection, they provide a natural and beautiful appearance that'll leave everyone in awe.

Flexibility all round - Top Arch, Bottom Arch, or Both – It's Your Choice! We believe that your smile should be as unique as you are, and our veneers allow you to express your individuality.

Pain-Free, Long-Lasting, and Cost-Effective - Why endure the pain of invasive dental procedures when you can achieve a stunning smile without the discomfort?

Peace of Mind with 3-Month Warranty - We stand by the quality of our products. That's why all our Clip-On Veneers come with a generous 3-month warranty.

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The Shades!


The brightest white
This is a bleached artificial shade, the brightest super-white shade available. It does give the appearance of being artificially bright- so it will look like you are wearing permanent or clip-on veneers.


The natural white
This is the most popular shade choice. This is the brightest that teeth can look naturally. It gives the appearance of somebody who has had a professional tooth whitening procedure.


This is a natural but light ivory shade
It is not as bright as A1 and is more of a natural look. Approximately 70% of the population naturally have A3 shade, so A2 tends to suit people who want to brighten by only 1 degree of shade.

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Veneer Process

Our Satisfied Clients

Hear from

Our Satisfied Clients

I would highly recommend Teeth whitening fairies, I just collected my veneers this evening I’ve never been so happy to smile 😃 I’ve never smiled my whole entire life the overall experience was amazing all the stuff are amazing and so helpful and friendly. Thank you for giving me confidence to smile


Linda Molloy

Quick and easy scan for the clip in veneers And didn’t have to wait long at all for them to come would highly recommend for anyone wanting a brighter smile and more confidence


Jj Mckeown

My sister picked up her veneers yesterday, she was so pleased with them, I have mine a few years now and another sister of mine got them last year, so we've all had a great experience with teeth whitening fairies, staff are so helpful especially the technician who sorted out my sisters new smile, thanks to all, I would highly recommend.


Antoinette Fitzgerald

we're here to

Answer your questions!

Most people aged 18+ are suitable for Clip on Veneers and we at The Teeth Whitening Fairies will make sure we go through everything with you in detail to get the right shade and fit for your mouth. Our highly skilled technicians will take care of you through the whole process and with our call out service you do not even need to leave the house. There are many reasons our customers want our Clip on Veneers but not everyone is suitable and our vetting process and will help go through everything in detail with you and answer any questions you may have.

With the self-impression process or having your impressions taken by one of our technicians, you will see that the process is taking an impression of your own teeth. This means that it will cause no damage or hurt your current teeth. 

We may advise based on excessive plaque or issues like loose teeth, to see your dentist before proceeding with the impressions. But please tell us any dental issues within the consultation.

Clip on Veneers are a cosmetic fix specifically designed to enhance a client’s smile by hiding broken, chipped, or discolored teeth. They will help with gaps, missing or stained teeth. We believe that our clip on veneers are one of the best products to help people get their smile back. Everyone deserves a smile!

People wearing braces or fixed retainers as an impression will be obstructed. People who have loose or brittle teeth, excessive plaque, receding gums. It would be best to speak about any dental issues that you may have during the consultation. 

It takes 3 weeks for the veneers to be made once we have received your impressions. There is an option of express, please speak to the technician with regards to the added cost and how long this may take.

 At first you may have some speech issues, but this is a temporary and usually within hours clients are speaking normally again and the more often they wear their Clip on Veneers they find any speech issues disappear completely. 

 Yes, if you are missing one or two teeth. Large gaps, like 3 or more missing teeth would be problematic. The technician shall speak through all of this in the consult. Clip on Veneers are a cosmetic fix specifically designed to enhance a client’s smile by hiding broken, chipped, or discolored teeth. Clients are advised to consult their dentist to fix any underlying issues that Clip on Veneers are helping them cover up.

An overbite is common and causes no issues with the veneers. If you have an underbite or crossbite, we could advise keeping the veneers for occasional usage and to avoid eating with the veneers in.

 It is not easy to stain your Clip on Veneers. However, it is possible for certain drinks like coffee, wine, or teas to cause some staining. But this is easily cleaned off by washing the veneers in cool to warm water.

 We suggest you rinse the veneers in cool to warm water after every use. Sometimes on the inside the veneer, detritus may build. We advise using a baby toothbrush/extremely soft bristle brush LIGHTLY only ever on the INSIDE of the veneer to remove any detritus. You avoid using any toothbrush or toothpaste on the front/outside of the veneers.

90% of clients want to whiten their teeth so we offer our clients A1 or A2 teeth colour which look quite natural. If you would like an extra white smile, we can offer the B1 which is a bleach white shade. We can advise you on what shade would be suitable.

 We create our Clip on Veneers to cover up to 10 teeth per arch, usually 5 each side of the mouth. The dental design team will assess your impressions and design the most suitable Clip on Veneers that meet your needs.

The Upper Jaw teeth are considered in dental terms to be an ‘arch’ so when we say a single arch this could mean either your Upper or Lower Jaw. A full set of arches means both Upper and Lower Jaw together as a set. 

We offer clients the option of either one arch of Clip on Veneers or both arches of Clip on Veneers which will create for you an improved smile covering up your current smile which you are unhappy with.

 It all begins with the impressions which you will have made by our technicians. Once we have these, they will enter the process and we will create your new smile for you. As they are only created from your impression they will fit snugly over your own teeth.

No but if you find that they are not fitting tightly over your teeth simply contact us and we will swiftly rectify any issues. The onus is on the client to notify any issues within 2 months of receiving the veneers. This will allow us to fix any issues within the 3-month guarantee. 

 No, in a minor amount of cases several impressions are required. It is a bespoke product which does mean that the lab may require more than one impression to build the persons mouth to make the veneer. This happens occasionally and we try our best to manufacture the veneers within 4 – 6 weeks.

 Once the order is placed and the impressions received by the lab, there is work and costs involved on our side which cannot be recovered. Not all clients are suitable for our Clip on Veneers and that is why we do an in-depth consultation. If you are failed because we cannot create you a suitable smile, then you will be refunded less the cost of the assessment and shipping costs if incurred and impression materials which is usually around 50euro per arch (50euro one arch/100 euro for full set). Once your impressions are passed onto the LAB there is no refund as the costs incurred to begin the production have been entered into there is No Cancellations & No Refunds.

Once you have placed an order for your Clip on Veneers and they have been approved and accepted into the lab we cannot re-use the materials that are used to create your new luxury smile, so we do not offer a ‘I changed my mind’ warranty. We will do everything in our power to satisfy a client and what they need but some people will be unhappy with their first veneers and our limited warranty covers up several remakes if needs be, individual process of course we want to get it right the first time and that is why a good impression is of up most importance. We have no intention of leaving any client unhappy but in certain circumstances some clients are just not suitable and will be vetted from the outset. We find there are some common reasons clients are not happy: ♣ Not happy with the look of the Clip on Veneers. ♣ Clients feel that the Clip on Veneers are too thick or bulky. ♣ Client find getting used to Clip on Veneers is difficult. ♣ Clients feel the Clip on Veneers are too white. We do our best to provide our clients with 100% satisfaction and will address any issues as best as we can.

When you become a client will be fully committed to you to get that new smile just as you want. Our clinic/lab is dealing with several hundred cases of dental work at any given time. Once your order is placed and you are into the system our team of technicians, designers and finishers are committed to getting you a smile you will love. Your Clip on Veneers will be overseen throughout the process of creation by a dedicated client supervisor who will quality control your veneers throughout the whole process.  93% of clients are happy with the first Clip on Veneers,  7% of clients will need adjustments and 95% of these cases are resolved successfully with this in mind there is No Cancellations or No Cash Refunds once your scans are accepted into the LAB. We expect our clients to commit to this process by agreeing to the following:  Making or remaking the impressions if needed, Waiting the 4 – 6 weeks from the acceptance of the scans in the LAB. Sending back or returning to clinic with veneers for remakes and adjustments within 2 months of receiving the arches. Sending pictures/comments/videos to assist the designers with your case. Overall be prepared to work with us to achieve that goal of nicer whiter teeth.

Use both hands when putting in or taking out an arch. You ensure that you line up the correct teeth to one another and then you softly clip the arch onto your teeth. When removing, please ensure you have both hands on the opposite side and gentle lift the arch away from the teeth. 

Yes, a storage case does comes with your veneers. We advise that every time your remove the veneers from your mouth that you keep them in storage case. People should avoid leaving the veneers in direct sunlight or near hot fires or surfaces. The heat may warp the product. Please do not put them in any kitchen appliance. Also children and dogs may mistake them for toy, so please be aware of this.

 We will rectify any issues within the 3 month warranty period. We would ask people to inform us about issues within the first 2 months of being told your veneers are ready to be picked up. The warranty begins on the day you are rang and told that the veneers are in the clinic. If it falls outside of the 3 month warranty period, unfortunately a new set would have to be fully paid for by the customer.

 We offer all clients a 3-month warranty on manufacturer defects. We request that the client contacts us within 2 months as it will allow us to remedy any problems within the 3 months warranty. You simply return with or send us in the Clip on Veneers which has a defect, and we will work with the customer to remedy the issue.

In clinic, people may pay a booking fee of half the amount of which they are buying. Then they can pay the other half when they receive the veneers. Or you can get finance through HUMM. Through HUMM you can get Interest free finance for cash sum amounts ranging between €80 – €499.99. You could get part of the payment to pay it back bi-weekly or monthly. Please see link to HUMM on our veneer page. Lastly, Online you can pay for the full veneers, but please ensure that you have done your consultation to ensure that the product is suitable for your needs.

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October Offer

1 Arch Only


3 months free cleaning product with your clip on veneers

2 Arches


3 months free cleaning product with your clip on veneers​

Pay Half to Start,

Pay The Remainder Prior To Receiving Your Veneers!


Choose 0% finance

through our finance partner HUMM allowing you to pay back in bi-weekly / monthly installments.

(Note: Finance available from €80 – €499.99 only therefore a deposit will be required if going for two arches).

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