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Clip in Teeth Veneers - common questions

  • How much does your Clip in Teeth Veneers cost?

    Our prices start at just €299 for one arch (top or bottom teeth) and €500 for both arches (top and bottom teeth). We also offer free initial appointments too.

  • Who is suitable for Clip in Teeth Veneers?

    Anyone with missing teeth, chipped or broken teeth, discoloured teeth or gaps in their teeth. We usually offer a free first appointment when we can take a closer look at you to decide if you would be suitable but most people are.

  • How long does the Clip in Teeth Veneer process take?

    To get your amazing smile makeover it takes just three weeks from the time you take your self impressions to when you have your first fitting.

  • Where are the Clip in Teeth Veneers made?

    Our sister company Sweet Heart Smiles manufactures all the Clip in Teeth Veneers exclusively in Ireland. So you get amazing quality and fabulous after care service.

  • Can you eat and drink in the Clip in Veneers?

    Yes you can. We recommend that you only eat soft foods whilst wearing the Clip in Veneers to prolong their life. Hard foods like steaks are to be avoided.

  • Do you offer refunds after a Clip in Veneer has been purchased?

    Each Clip in Veneer is made specifically for each person so we cannot offer a refund for veneers that have been purchased but we will always try our best to fix any issues that you have with the veneers as we aim to ensure that all of our customers are happy with their products.

  • How can we book our first appointment?

    Just by contacting us on this website via the contact page or by contacting us on Facebook. You then have a choice of booking a mobile appointment with us where we come to your home or visiting us in our fab salon in Dublin.