FAQs on aftercare and how to keep your teeth at their maximum whiteness only at the Teeth Whitening Fairies


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At the Teeth whitening fairies we try to promote and educate our customers on how to achieve their maximum white smile and their best healthiest smile.

So, when a customer comes to us for the laser teeth whitening and we get them to their maximum whiteness we always recommend aftercare whitening products on how to keep their teeth at their maximum.  Obviously, we put a lot of rubbish in our mouths during the days and coming weeks and our teeth will straight to fade and get stained again, but if do correct maintenance and aftercare you can keep that lovely shine and beautiful smile you have worked hard to achieve.

We have a selection of stand-alone aftercare whitening products

  1. Whitening Powder 3 months’ supply
  2. Take home kits 1.5 years supply
  3. Whitening foam 2 months’ supply.

As mentioned, these products are all stand-alone whitening products and if individually used will whitening your teeth after one weeks use at home anywhere for 4 to 12 shades whiter depending on the mineral content within the dentine.  The WHITENING POWDER we usually recommend for customers with severe stubborn stains like coffee, tea, curries, and smoking.  The powder which is slight granulated removes the stubborn stains working well on the pellicle which is a membrane over the surface of the tooth.  The ingredients are natural, vegan friendly, gluten free and no animal testing and we guarantee 100% no sensitivity.  This product would be one of our best sellers in the clinic because it is easy to use and gives amazing results.  Simple dip your toothbrush into the powder and brush for 2 minutes.  After use expel out do not rinse with water and do not eat for 20 minutes afterwards.  The longer you leave the product on the tooth the better it is to break down the stain molecule with the tooth.  So, either use as maintenance after getting your teeth laser whitened to keep them at your maximum or simple use at home twice a day for one week to get that smile you deserve.

Our unique Teeth whitening kit, has enough gel for 20 treatments comes with built in LED light for acceleration and gum care.  No other kit on the market has 2 large 10 ml syringes enough for 40 treatments.  So, this kit should last you over a year and half if used correctly.  Again, top tip to use the take home kit is to put a pearl drop of gel on your finger and then massage the gel on the surface of your tooth rather than putting the gel directly into the mouth retainer where you can end up using too much gel and only ever bleaching the top and bottom of your teeth.  All products come with clear instructions.  Also again remember after use the product expels out and do not rinse with water and do not eat for 20 minutes afterwards.  Kit can be used directly after your laser whitening treatment. Ideally after your white diet when the tubules close up there is a slight reabsorption of air and water the tooth can go back about ½ a shade so you should use your kit that night for 30 mins and then the next 2 days to make sure you have really penetrated the tubules in the dentine.  This is best business practice for using the kit with the laser teeth whitening treatment.  If ordering the kit to use at home use for 7 days in a row and again you will get anywhere from 4 to 12 shades whiter depending on your mineral content in the tooth.  After one weeks use just use once a week or every 2 weeks depending on your oral hygiene.  Mini LED light in the take home kit has the blue led light accelerator for 25 minutes and then the red light comes on for gum care for the last 5 minutes.  You need to hold down LED light button for 10 seconds for light to turn on.  100% no sensitivity guaranteed and all products completely natural.  Your No.1 take home kit on the market today.

Our fantastic whitening foam is extremely popular and again quick and easy to use.  If you have a busy hectic lifestyle and need something quick on the go then this is the product for you.  Simple apply to your toothbrush and use twice a day and brush for 2minutes.  Ideal for customers with receding gums and who may have very sensitive teeth.  The liquid turns in a mouse and the dual action is whitening and built-in fluoride to protect the teeth.  Again, after use simple expel out and do not rinse with water and do not eat for 20 mins afterwards to leave the active ingredients as long as possible on the tooth.  2 months’ supply with every bottle

So whichever product you may use that is best for your tooth and oral care as long as you use something after getting your teeth laser whiten.  You are the best person to keep your teeth at your maximum as we cannot follow you around with a toothbrush and by you using a whitening product every time you eat or drink something that may stain your teeth the aftercare product will zap the staining product before it soaks into your porous tooth.  Using after care product helps keep your teeth at their maximum and helps with uniformity.

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