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November's Offers

Sonic Toothbrush + 3 months teeth whitening sparkling powder!

The ultimate combination for giving you the brightest smile of your life and ensuring that your teeth stay sparkling white with our signature powder!


€150 Save €40!

Home Teeth Whitening Kit

Our brand new Home Whitening Kit gives you the at-home version of the exact whitening treatment we've used on thousands of our satisfied customers!


€85 Save €25!

360 Toothbrush

The first 360 degree toothbrush in Ireland! It cleans your teeth with 3D ultrasonic cleaning, intelligent movement & high-speed vibration. This is the toothbrush of the future.


€90 Save €20!

3 pack of Teeth Whitening Gel

This is the exact same whitening gel that we've used for treatments on thousands of our satisfied customers!


€51 Save €18!

2x Dual Action Whitening Foam

Our brand-new Dual Action Whitening Foam whitens teeth safely and rapidly in just 1-2 minutes a day!


€35 Save €10!