3 in 1 System: Bamboo Toothbrush Bundle

Teeth whitening powder: Is an organic peppermint flavoured powder. It cleans away stains such as
coffee, tea, nicotine, and wine. It helps with sensitivities and results can las for up to 3 months. Use
once or twice a week. 3 months supply in every tube of powder.

Home teeth whitening kit: Gives you that at home version of the same teeth whitening treatment
we’re used on thousands of satisfied customers. Each kit is completed with:
Led light and mouth tray, Shade guide, Charging cable, Nozzle, 2x 10 ml Gel syringes. Allows for
approx. 40 Treatments. Use 3 days in a row then once every week.

Dual action whitening foam: It cleans teeth, removes stains, and leaves your mouth feeling fresh.
This one step dual action foam is better than any toothpaste to clean and brighten teeth safely and
gently. For daily use. 2 months supply in every bottle.

Bamboo toothbrush: Natural Brush has a handle made from 100% biodegradable, sustainably-grown bamboo.

3 in 1 whitening regime:
Firstly Use the powder, dip bamboo toothbrush into the powder and brush for 2 minutes. Expel out
and do not rinse with water.
Secondly using the gel – Apply for 25-30 min and attach led light to the mouth retainer. The timer
will turn off when time is up.
Finish off the process by brushing with the whitening foam. Brush with the 360 toothbrush for 2
minutes and expel out and do not rinse with water. Process is now complete. Don’t eat for 20
minutes. Notice 6 to 12 shades whiter after one week’s use.

Blu-Ray Whitening

3 Cleaning Modes

Intelligent Movement

Suitable for Sensitive Teeth